Credo Reference: Start Your Research Here!

Credo Reference is a one-stop research platform that combines authoritative reference content with first-class and highly intuitive search capabilities. Resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, images, audio files and videos in numerous subject areas.  Over two million full text articles are available to Credo Reference users from subject areas across many key academic disciplines,

  • Arts and leisure
  • Business, finance and economics
  • Education
  • Health and medicine
  • History
  • Language and Literature
  • Psychology
  • Science, technology and engineering
  • Social Sciences

Searches can be initiated from the Credo Reference web page search box as a basic search, image search, title search, or Mind Map, which can be used to find related terms and expand your search in an intuitive way. Simply enter a keyword and select Mind Map. 

Your search word is displayed, while other words that appear around it are conceptually related. Each related word in the Mind Map can then be broken down into smaller topics by clicking on it. The Mind Map can help you refine or expand your search.