Flip through Popular Magazines with Flipster!

Hey! We’re going to let you in on a secret! There’s a little fringe benefit here at UNCG that you’re probably not aware of. It’s called Flipster.

Flipster is free magazine access on your smartphone, tablet or home computer. Access over a dozen popular – and, let’s be honest, expensive - magazine titles like The New Yorker, Forbes and Fortune. Magazines you can read anytime, anywhere, at home, while waiting for friends at a restaurant, at the airport, or in line with a hundred people at the DMV.

It’s sort of like an exclusive little benefit for university students, faculty and staff, brought to you by the University Libraries. You can get access whenever you are logged in with your UNCG username and password. Flip through the magazines just like you would flip through a paper copy. Expand the page size so you can easily view it on your smartphone.

Truth is, we want the word to get out – so take a moment to take a look here.
And while you’re at it, spread the word! We don’t want this to be a secret!
Here’s our current Flipster title list – and more titles may be added in the future!

  • Architectural Digest
  • Discover
  • Ebony
  • Esquire
  • Fine Homebuilding
  • Fine Woodworking
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • Glamour
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • House Beautiful
  • The New Yorker
  • Southern Living
  • Threads