Easily Browse Academic Journals with BrowZine

How do you find something in an academic journal if you are not sure where to start?

BrowZine, a journal engagement platform that organizes access to hundreds of online journals in the University Libraries’ collection, is a great place to begin. Access to BrowZine is available from your computer, as well as your Smartphone or tablet.
BrowZine allows users to browse scholarly journals from multiple publishers in a single location. Academic journals in BrowZine can be browsed alphabetically by subject or searched by title.

Users can create a personal bookshelf of favorite journal titles and save articles to be viewed later. BrowZine can also export citations. Journal alerts can be set up to notify users when an article on a topic of interest is published.

Journal content published since 2005 is available through the portal, and almost 1,000 of the University Libraries’ electronic journals can be accessed through BrowZine.

Smartphone and tablet access can be obtained by downloading the free BrowZine app from the AppStore, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore for Android.

A quick video tutorial on BrowZine can be found here.