Changes to Kanopy Film Platform Resources Announced

Due to the unsustainable expense to Jackson Library – with over $72,000 spent last fiscal year - film requests for the popular Kanopy site are now fulfilled only for classroom use by faculty. The change was put in place to keep the overall cost to the university reasonable.

Films will be licensed only by faculty request for class assignments. Once a film is licensed, it can be viewed by anyone in the UNCG community for the one-year term of the license.

Browsing and searching within the platform will not change. However, if a UNCG Libraries visitor to Kanopy attempts to view a film that the library has not yet obtained, an online form will pop up that states “This film is not yet available at your library.”

Authenticated UNCG faculty can fill out the form with their name, UNCG email address and reason for requesting the film. A UNCG librarian will then review the request and grant approval if the film is needed for an academic purpose.

When making a request, the intended use of the film should be stated, along with the course number, and the date the film will be needed. The librarian may ask for some follow-up information before a decision is made to grant access to the film.

It is recommended that requests for films be made at least three working days before the film is needed, although a week is preferred.

Other streaming media services are still available. These can be found at the streaming media libguide:

Library users may also speak to a librarian for assistance in locating films outside of the Kanopy platform for research or classroom projects.

A vast collection of DVDs is also available for checkout, for entertainment viewing, on the main floor of the library, near the open study area across from Interlibrary Loan.